Why Hire Leilani As Your Health and Wellness Guest Speaker?

Why Hire Leilani As Your Health and Wellness Guest Speaker?
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Leilani holds an Executive MBA Degree. She is the Owner of a 25 year old Fitness Company (X-Trainers), Author, Speaker and TV Personality. Her degrees include Marketing, Management, Finance and Statistics. Her 70+ Physical Therapy clinical hours are in the areas of Rehab, Cardiology and the Burn Unit. Over the past 20 years, Leilani has developed numerous corporate fitness programs for leading businesses such as Entergy and Daughters of Charity. Leilani is available for organizations, as well as, private coaching, consultations and speaking. Her topics include business "systems" development for entrepreneurs, weight loss, weight training, goal setting, taking action, mind/body/spirit connection, and many other health and business-related topics. "Leilani's style is conversational and engaging. She has the gift of motivation." --Linda Macey, Human Resources. The minimum price is based an audience size of up to 100 participants. Call (504) 482-2348 for exact pricing details or email us at info@x-trainers.com. For more information about Leilani visit www.leilaniheno.com
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