Permanent Weight-Loss Seminar Sat., Sept. 22nd at 1pm

Permanent Weight-Loss Seminar Sat., Sept. 22nd at 1pm
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Join Leilani Heno, author of Weight Loss in Warp Speed, at X-Trainers Saturday, September 22nd at 1pm for a once-a-year weight loss presentation! Learn easy tools to keep the weight off during any holiday or vacation. This event will include proven exercise and nutrition techniques used by our successful clients to help you lose weight and keep it off! -Achieving LONG-TERM PERMANENT weight loss is both an art and a skill. Keeping your motivation level at its peak when things get tough in any area of life is one of the biggest obstacles we all face. The good news is that by teaming up with the right weight loss coach, you can take years off of the time it would normally take you to successfully lose weight and keep it off! -After maintaining a consistent 91% weight loss success rate for over 25 years at her company, Leilani can show you how to shorten your path to weight loss success. Learn the tools and skills necessary to get you to your goals in the shortest amount of time. -Go it alone, and you will need to learn all of those skills and lessons the hard way - wasting both TIME and MONEY! -Join us Saturday, December 16th at 11:11am and learn Leilani's SECRET to staying genuinely motivated, excited and full of energy consistently in order to achieve Permanent Weight Loss. DATE: Saturday, September 22nd at 1pm LOCATION: 3700 Orleans Ave 2-B in the middle of American Can Apts. Retail Area. Pay $50 before 21st. $75 at the door.
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