How Would A Corporate Fitness Program Benefit Your Company?

How Would A Corporate Fitness Program Benefit Your Company?
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How Would Your Company Benefit From Having a Corporate Fitness Program? COMPANY FITNESS PROGRAMS: -Decrease Health Care Cost -Increase Morale -Show that you Value Health and a Healthy Environment -Promote Team Building AND -Promotes Healthy Competition among peers and whole departments (Consider 2 Departments working together but on opposing teams - ex. Marketing Vs. Accounting) IN ADDITIION: Healthy employees require less down time, are sick less, report being happier and are more productive. X-TRAINERS' ALL-INCLUSIVE COMPANY FITNESS PROGRAM INCLUDES: 8 One-Hour Training Sessions, 2 Education Break-out Sessions, Goal-Setting, All Testing, Nutrition Monitoring, AND Accountability Follow-up. Listed Price is based on 10 employees. 3 Month Mimimum. To set up your Company's Fitness Program, call X-Trainers today at 504-482-2348. ABOUT X-TRAINERS: X-Trainers is a 25 year old incentive-based training facility. This means that clients are assessed every month and money back and perks are awarded based on client progress. This structure keeps our clients motivated and has provided us with a consistent 94% success rate. Our average client remains with us for 7+ years. For more information on our company visit CALL 504-482-2348 to get your team on a healthy path.
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