20 Minutes of Motivation

20 Minutes of Motivation
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Do you ever need an extra PUSH to get a task done? If so, then Call Me. I am here to push and motivate you towards a goal. Typical goal requests include just about anything from getting out of bed, or asking for a raise, to getting to the gym, or asking someone out on a date, and everything in between. - Do you need to stand up to someone? - Do you need help speaking up for yourself? - Are you having trouble asking for a raise or time off? - How about Speaking in front of a crowd? - Are you having trouble throwing items away? (A push to start to declutter) - How about firing someone? Most don’t realize how hard this one can be. - The MOST COMMON REQUEST is for motivation to ask someone out on a date. DISCLAIMER: From time to time you may find that you just want to vent. You may really just need to get it out and be heard. That is ok, and this is perfectly natural. But that is a call for your best friend. My task is to help you to follow through. So please only use a call if you are needing encouragement to TAKE ACTION. And although I love big moves, your request doesn’t need to be earth shattering. Baby steps toward making a positive change is STILL positive change. WHAT DO YOU NEED? -A SWIFT KICK is a 20 min call. -A NUDGE is a 40 min call. -A PUSH is a 60 min call. After your purchase, I will send you an email to schedule our call.
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